Our Team

What We Do: Advisory and Advocacy Services

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 Learning Design Manager 

Marketing & Growth Manager

We are solution designers. With backgrounds as educators, school administrators, business executives, nonprofit leaders, our team has extensive experience in organization management, communication and sales.

We provide a unique match of experiences and passions that drive our work.

Tom Vander Ark

CEO + Partner

Adam Kulaas

Vice President of Learning Design

Allison Brumley

Director of Operations

Emily Liebtag

Vice President of Advocacy

Erik Day

Strategy Manager

Caroline Vander Ark

President & COO

Karen Vander Ark

CFO + Partner

Janice Walton

Advocacy Manager

Jessica Slusser

Director of Communication

Taylor Missal

Operations Coordinator

Jessica Kulaas - Getting Smart

Jessica Kulaas

Digital Content Coordinator


Kelly Tanner - Getting Smart

Kelley Tanner

Marketing & Design

Katie Vander Ark - Getting Smart

Katie Vander Ark

Creative Content

Jenni Bednarz - Getting Smart

Jenni Bednarz

Communication & Marketing

Michelle Berkeley

Communication & Research