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Years in Education:

School Leadership

in Secondary School Education and Career and Technical Education

I’m passionate about our work because:
It’s so important for educators to have knowledge on the national and global scale. Educators, like everyone else, are limited to only knowing what they know, and Getting Smart is able to provide high level trends in learning that can really help to motivate and inspire districts and leaders. I also think it’s essential to continue to empower learners to tell their own stories… students should not be limited in opportunity based on zip code or any other factor for that matter.

My favorite learning experience is:
Through collaboration — I really appreciate the ways in which everyone brings their own experiences and perspectives to a problem. These varying perspectives help to ensure equitable and truly innovative change.

My role in three words:
Opportunity & Empowerment Advocate

I’m currently learning about:
Racial tensions and the ways in which the history of racism in America continues to affect me and our schools. I’m continuing to educate myself on the topic so I can be a better advocate for change. I also continue to learn more and more about education writ large. When working in a district it is easy to get tunnel vision, but there is so much change occurring in the world that educators and edleaders need to be aware of.

I’m currently working on:
Getting Smart’s campaign growth and supporting schools and districts across the country. I’m also working on nailing the ballet twirl….maybe even a backflip one day.


Shawnee Caruthers is passionate about advocating for others and making sure all educators and students are engaged. She believes true engagement is achievable through human centered learning experiences, real world learning experiences and a dedication to not only powerful learning for youth, but for adults as well. 

Shawnee started her career in advertising and journalism and eventually pivoted to the classroom where she taught English and business due to her industry experience prior to teaching. This enabled her to supervise and oversee their career and technical education offerings in Chiefs Kingdom (Kansas City) where she resides.

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