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Taught at: 6 Outstanding Schools

Education: University of Missouri: M.A. Special Education

I’m passionate about our work because:
Oftentimes, educators can feel too confined to their own space and school district. I’m excited to be a connector of all these great ideas and practices and to help grow knowledge in new places. 

My favorite learning experience is:  

Hands-on learning, particularly while being outside and getting to work with my hands. I love being able to collaborate, design and create with other people. One of my favorite learning memories has been working with middle school students to create several large murals. Through this, we were able to connect to where we are in the world and how that affects our community.

My role in three words: 

Project Optimizer & Taskmaster. 

I’m currently learning about: 

Composting, permaculture, micro-homesteading. I’m also currently thinking about how place-based education impacts young people and communities. 

I’m currently working on:

Finding organizations to connect with in my new city as well as supporting the growth and success of Getting Smart’s New Pathways Campaign.

Marissa Wicklund has been in education for over 10 years. She has taught Special Education and Visual Art with students of all grade levels K-12, and loves anything related to cooking, baking, and nutrition. She grew up in Kenya and has lived in a number of US cities since, but currently resides with her family in Colorado. One connecting thread through her journey has been that she thrives when playing in the great outdoors through mountain biking, camping, running, and hiking.

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