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Experience: 7 Years in the Classroom

I’m passionate about our work because: 

I’m passionate about children receiving an equitable and quality education in our country. My entire professional career has stemmed from this value and I love being in the thick of the mess that is our education system. 

My favorite learning experience is:  

I was recently in Cartagena, Colombia where I learned how to make their traditional brown rice and how to filet a whole fish. I love to cook and love learning through hands-on and immersive experiences! 

My role in three words: 

Supporting Innovative Projects

I’m currently learning about: 

I’m currently learning about what constitutes a pathway and how to support schools in better creating them. I’m also currently learning more about the capabilities of adobe creative cloud.

I’m currently working on:

I’m working on renovating my daughter’s bedroom. I also am continually improving at scaling tasks, figuring out prioritization, and getting used to the time zone difference between myself and my west coast teammates.


Jordan Luster has spent her entire career working towards better learning for young people. She has served as a program coordinator and communications manager for a non-profit organization, as well as numerous years in the classroom in both public and charter settings. Much of this work has become the model standard for meeting regional goals in areas including technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy engagement, restorative practices and culturally responsive teaching.

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University. She began her career as a Teach For America corps member in Atlanta where she served on the school’s leadership team as a Data Analyst and Teacher Leader. In her free time, Jordan enjoys cooking, spending time with family and being outdoors.

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