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7 Years of Brand Strategy and Storytelling

Music and Poetry Curriculum for 10-12 Graders

I’m passionate about our work because:
I believe that through innovations and learner-centered models the system can better instill people of all ages with a sense of purpose and community. We have the opportunity to work alongside inspiring organizations and projects that share this mission.

My favorite learning experience is:
Keeping unread books on my bookshelf and identifying the first breadcrumbs of a learning rabbit hole. I love the prospect of having more to learn and get excited about a thread of stories or information. It is both a humbling and immensely motivating experience.

My role in three words:
Strategic, purposeful storytelling.

I’m currently learning about:
How to better elevate and amplify new, original voices. I’m also learning tons about cooking, farming and the beauty of the midwest.

I’m currently working on:
Integrating machine learning and more data practices into our work, streamlining mission and messaging and identifying growth opportunities both personally and professionally. I’m also working on original poems and music.


Mason is a passionate storyteller who believes that marketing can only succeed when it understands its audience. He is an advocate for both data and the arts and uses this combination to launch campaigns that amplify voices, brands and missions. Mason is always striving for streamlining and efficiency and aims to inspire rather than inform. He continues to be amazed by the lasting effect of work that stems from empathy and the arts.

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