Mason Pashia
Growth & Marketing Manager

Mason Pashia - Getting Smart

Mason is an advocate for innovation, design and creativity. After a number of years spent surveying the changing digital marketing landscape and leveraging design thinking/ storytelling tools to help identify and promote brand identities, he discovered a passion for education — particularly innovations in equity and autonomy. To blend these two worlds, he created and implemented a custom arts-integration curriculum at a number of charter and private schools to help students collaborate, relate, and think critically.

A self-proclaimed arts junkie, Mason spends his time reading poetry, writing and immersing himself in all things film and music. He is most content when trying new foods or being outdoors.

After spending a number of years in Nashville, TN, he currently resides in his hometown — Kansas City, where he serves on the Kansas City Young Audiences marketing board.

Mason has a degree in English Literature from Belmont University and is eager to continue his education formally, or otherwise.