I’m passionate about our work because: 

I am a lifelong learner and love following new and evolving curiosities. Personally, I struggled with education. Testing and traditional measures of intelligence didn’t gel with how I thought/learned. I love being a part of the education innovation movement that is working to address these concerns! 

My favorite learning experience is: 

Putting myself in new situations and relearning. I recently uprooted and moved to a new location which resulted in tons of self-discovery, uncovering a new place and leaning into my independence. It also challenged some of my preconceptions and really pushed me to grow.

My role in three words:

Logistics & Communication Chameleon

I’m currently learning about:

I’m currently trying to learn the basics of CSS, HTML, Javascript to better understand, and be able to manipulate, front end web development. As I spend more time in remote workplaces, I’m also learning better ways to prioritize and optimize my work/life balance. 

I’m currently working on: 

I’m working on a cookbook through my catering and bartending company TyNey Eats. I’m also busy recording vocal tracks!


Britney has spent years demonstrating strong administrative skills within a variety of sectors, including senior health care, construction, and advocacy fields. She also has experience in numerous Executive Assistant roles. 

Britney is also skilled in the arts and is an active singer/songwriter who has worked with singers + producers domestically and internationally, as well as launching her own company, TyNey Eats.

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