Rebecca Midles
Vice President of Learning Design

Rebecca Midles

M.Ed: Educational Leadership
MA: Education
Experience: 20 Years of District Mobilization and Competency Work
Previous Positions: Comprehensive Secondary School Administrator, Charter School Leader, Teacher and Leader in Personalized Learning systems, Learning Management System Designer, New School Design (at state and local level) and Advisory School Board Member.

I’m passionate about our work because:
It enables me to promote lifelong learning and positively impact the world.

My favorite learning experience is:
Anytime there is a productive struggle and a need to dig into the problem or material.

My role in three words:
Learner engagement catalyst.

I’m currently learning about:
The interplay of staying in a focused zone while creating space for innovative thinking and collaboration.

I’m currently working on:
Growing and empowering those around me through our work with Real World Learning and pathways for learners, as well as innovative transcript development. I also continue to seek new ways to scale innovative practices, such as personalized and competency-based learning for larger learning systems.

Rebecca puts learners first and is committed to assisting with the creation of a learner-centered educational system that empowers leaders and educators to meet the individual academic and social-emotional needs of all learners. She is known for guiding district level transformation as a leader and as a consultant and has led this work as a teacher, site leader, district leader and board member in four states.

Rebecca’s Recent Posts

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