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Years of Experience:
Over 40 years of Education, Business Management and Community Service

I’m passionate about our work because:
I’m passionate about our work because we get to explore what is new and relevant in education and how it can make a lasting impact.

My favorite learning experience is:
I love discovering different cultures through stories and reading, as well as traveling to new places around the world.

My role in three words:
Fiscal. Sustain. Support.

I’m currently learning about:
I’m currently learning about the needs of communities: both my own and the communities that our work affects.

I’m currently working on:
I’m currently working on maintaining the fiscal side of the business and applying what I’ve learned about community to better serve my own.


Karen is someone you want in your corner. She’s been raising money for, speaking on behalf of and supporting education and community organizations for decades; while also serving on numerous political campaigns, bond and levy campaigns and a statewide education initiative.

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