school visits

Schools Worth Visiting

Kepner Keeps True to the Innovation Model

Kepner Beacon Middle School is in its inaugural year, but it has already developed an impressive program. Here, I share some photos that outline what I saw in my recent visit to the school.

Project-Based Learning

My First School Visit: Project-Based STEM at TAF

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was first invited to go on a school visit in my home district of Federal Way, where I received my 20th-century education. Read more about how the district is making strides towards next-gen learning here.


4 Lessons Learned from a Silicon Valley School Tour

By: Laura Gilchrist . A Kansas City teacher shares four lessons learned from her recent Silicon Valley school tour that she feels can help her and other community leaders empower their students to create, learn and lead in school and community.


Do You Have A Blended Learning Department? You Should.

Washington, D.C., is an interesting place for education, as we recently witnessed while touring schools there with a group from Kansas City to learn more about what the district has done to blended and personalized learning.