school visits

Project-Based Learning

Napa Junction: Deeper Learning for All

South of the vineyards in Napa is a school that serves a diverse body of K-5 learners. They are a prime example of how a committed staff and effective leaders can work with like-minded schools to create powerful learning for all students.

Place Based Education

A Place-Based Micro-School in the Heart of D.C.

Whether at the early childhood or the high school level, we see that leaders are listening to their students and developing responsive microschool models. Have a good learning idea? Try it with six kids tomorrow.


Minerva: The Intentional University

As a venture-based Silicon Valley startup, Minerva has developed slowly over the last seven years. As a new form of higher education, progress from concept to enrollment was lightning fast. Learn more about what sets them apart here.

Future of Learning

CMU: Pittsburgh’s Learning Engine

The third post in our 6-part #RemakeLearning series looks at CMU's partnerships with Pittsburgh Districts to advance education innovation and shape a new K-12 approach to computer science.


An Innovative K-8 Human-Centered Approach at Design39

While the Design39 facility renders many speechless, the teaching and learning that take place at “D39” leave visitors feeling inspired and more motivated than ever to create empowering learning experiences for students. Read more in our detailed account here.