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Do You Have A Blended Learning Department? You Should.

Washington, D.C., is an interesting place for education, as we recently witnessed while touring schools there with a group from Kansas City to learn more about what the district has done to blended and personalized learning.


Bay Blends Advance Personalized Learning

When it comes to innovation, the Bay Area is a great place to see a wide range of schools doing great things. From public options for montessori to design thinking models that challenge traditional school, we were inspired to see the options that are available for students in the Bay Area.

Personalized Learning

65 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting

School visits are a great way to learn and are key to developing an innovation mindset. Based on a couple thousand school visits and with help from colleagues and readers, we’ve compiled a list of 66 U.S. Elementary schools worth visiting.

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Is Your Child’s School Student-Centered? A Checklist for School Visits

Whether it’s your neighborhood, district, public, private, or charter school, parents often want to visit a school before their child attends, or after they have started a new school. Student-centered learning drives performance, enhances engagement and puts students in the driver's seat. This article features things to look for during a school visit and questions to ask school staff to learn more about student-centered learning.