Project-Based Learning

Competency-Based Education

Stress, Anxiety and Human Migration: How can Biology, Art and History Inform?

By: Dr. Balakrishnan Selvakumar and Dr. Ara C. Brown. High school students explored the nervous system by asking how it senses stress that leads to anxiety. They applied this biological framework of stress to analyze artifacts of human migration that appealed to them, including art panels, literature, historical evidence and immigrant documentaries.

Competency-Based Education

Our Schools Must Adjust to a COVID-19 World

By: Ulrich Boser. Ulrich shares how educators should focus on community and project-based learning projects during remote learning to create an education system that works for all students.

Getting Through

PBL-Lite for the Fall

By: Jenny Pieratt. Jenny shares a condensed project-based learning or "PBL-lite" teaching plan that can be used as a starting point in the fall.