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Kyle Wagner is a Getting Smart Staff Writer, and is a middle school program director, an author, and founder of Transform Educational Consulting. You can connect with him at kylewagner@transformschool.com or on Twitter at @kwagssd3.

Enhancing Innovation in the Workplace through 5 Montessori Conditions

Highlighting the International Montessori School of Hong Kong, Kyle Wagner provides Montessori insights that support creativity and innovations that align with the future of work.

How to Teach STEM Without Being an Engineer

Leading successful STEM experiences has less to do with your actual knowledge as an instructor (though it helps), and more to do with the MINDSET you take with kids. In this post, discover the five MAKER mindsets and how YOU can develop them.

Why Students Need Practical Skills and How to Teach Them

If practical skills are so important, why are they hardly present in today’s curriculum? Many schools are doing their best, but with today’s emphasis on high stakes testing, practical skills do not receive the time and attention they deserve. This post explores some inspirational ideas.

The ‘Show Me’ Grading System of the Future

Changing the way we grade, report and evaluate student learning can oftentimes feel like an uphill battle. But our students deserve better. This post contains some useful steps and food for thought to plan for progress in that direction.

Student Public Radio: Community, Communication, and Other “Cs”

Beyond the obvious 21st century skills students develop in taking ownership of their own radio broadcast, they also forge connections to curriculum and content. Here, we explore the reasons (and some ways) to enable students to create and operate a radio station.

How to Give Students Future-Ready Skills Through Community Service

With community-engaged projects, students learn to solve problems, think creatively, manage uncertainty, and most importantly, how to coordinate and work with others. According to The World Economic Forum, these are the same top 5 future skills needed for 2020.

A Blended Environment: The Future of AI and Education

For many of us, using AI in our schools seems light years away. But by slowly and consciously embracing it, we can start to make the shifts necessary for the 21st-Century classroom.