Personalized Learning

Why Mentors Matter

By: Sarah Vander Schaaff. As part of our Smart Parents series, Sarah writes about the impact a valuable mentor had on her life, and why mentors matter. As a parent, Sarah also acknowledges why this sometimes raises concerns for parents and discusses the real value mentors bring.

Personalized Learning

Ready For The World: Redefining Success In The Age Of Change

By: Antonia Slagle. As part of our Smart Parents series, Antonia writes about her son's own educational experiences and how her son's high school allowed him to have personalized learning opportunities including important internship experiences and mentors.


Best Practices in Work-Based Learning

GPS is a respected applied high school alternative for students in 42 high schools in southern Wisconsin. Twelve teachers currently support 13 GPS classrooms, three more classrooms will be added next month. Growth has been steady as have been program enhancements.


The Viral Mentor

What drives people to create how-to, instructional, and DIY videos? Are they so passionate about their niche, their expertise, that they just have this desire to tutor others? That definitely sounds like the mentor archetype. There’s a little bit of Sal Khan in all of them and all of us.