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Who has championed you? Who have you been a champion for? Whether you have been part of a formalized mentoring relationship or have simply been fortunate to have someone who cared, we know that being in relationships with others is one of the best ways to catalyze growth.

In a world that is constantly changing, mentors—or champions—are more important than ever to ensure real-time, in-context growth—particularly in the workplace.

Traditionally, organizations have relied heavily on initial onboarding and periodic training events to ensure all employees were learning the skills they needed to do their jobs. A select few were often “chosen” for a leadership path, who would be taught what good leadership looks like, and might even be assigned a mentor. That’s no longer enough.

Wise impact-focused organizations seek to realize the many benefits of mentoring and ensure there are ongoing, intentional and adaptive processes to champion the growth of their employees on an ongoing, organic basis.

Growth experts and platform providers—such as Colorado-based Gloo—recognize the primacy of relationships for catalyzing growth. Accordingly, such platforms are now building in personalized and mobile opportunities for co-creation, smart nudges, playlists and community creation.

The following infographic describes the many measurable benefits of mentoring, including increasing overall impact (including the bottom line) through:

  • Promoting co-learning and co-creation
  • Enhancing individual engagement
  • Increasing capacity and longevity

Download the full-resolution pdf here.

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Hey Mary, you really did an amazing task by posting this infographic here and I must say that it is really an inspiring piece.

Dennis Rainey

Loved the message and look of this inspirational article.

Jonathan Merage

Nice post! This infographic post is full of great insights and inspirations. Thanks for sharing..

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