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Personalized Learning

Reinventing A Secondary Program From The Ground Up

By: Melissa Strong. For those educators who ponder “What if I were to teach this concept, this unit, or this subject completely differently?” Melissa shares her story and strategy of reinventing the foreign language program at Harvard-Westlake School in LA.

Competency-Based Education

Elevate and Empower

A Getting Smart paper & infographic, produced in partnership with Rosetta Stone, explores the potential of world language educators leading the shift to school and district-wide blended, competency-based, deeper learning models. A follow-up to “The Next Generation of World Language Learning.”

Personalized Learning

Why Does World Language Study Matter?

By: Moss Pike. World language teachers, while relatively few and far between at conferences like ISTE, bring an interesting mix of characteristics to the event that can help mitigate the crowds and lines. Here are 3 ways characteristics that world language teachers often have that open doors to take advantage of the variety of opportunities that ISTE offers.

Personalized Learning

Flipped Foreign Language

Moss Pike was raised in Las Vegas, studied Physics at Cornell University, and after a summer class in the classics found himself working on an M.A. in Classics at UCLA. He teaches Latin at the Harvard-Westlake School (HW), is the Middle School Dean of Faculty, and a regional leader in Greek and Latin linguistics and pedagogy.