The Next Generation of World Language Learning

The Next Generation of World Language Learning
Authored by: Winifred Kehl, Moss Pike, Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark
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In partnership with: Rosetta Stone Education
“The Next Generation of World Language Learning” is a white paper developed with Rosetta Stone Education. It highlights opportunities to improve global competence for all students by leveraging technology. A central tenet of the paper is the assertion that world language acquisition is an important component of both global competitiveness and global competency, and therefore must become a part of the national conversation around improving college and career readiness.
The paper shows that there is no reason why all American students shouldn’t have access to high-quality language instruction, thanks to advances in technology and the potential of blended learning to bring new tools for language instruction to the classroom. The paper outlines design principles for next-gen world language instruction that includes:

  • Active Immersion
  • Mobile learning
  • Student-centered collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Game-based learning and augmented reality
  • Standards-based grading
  • Reorganization of physical space

Download “The Next Generation of World Language Learning


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