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Competency-Based Education

Next Generation Learning Models for ELL Students

Next Generation Learning Models for English Language Learners: Promising Practices and Considerations for Teaching and Learning highlights the promising practices and trends in personalized learning and competency-based education for ELL students.

Personalized Learning

What’s Next In Language Learning?

With the world globalizing and changing at an unprecedented rate, it is important for us to be considering how we can give students global and cultural competencies. Language learning can be a great, accessible way to provide those skills.

Personalized Learning

Online Language Learning Toolkit

Learning another language provides a wide range of impressive benefits. In this publication, we share strategies for districts and schools looking to implement effective online language learning programs.

Equity & Access

3 Visions of Truly Inclusive Education

By: Jennifer D. Goldman, Karyn Lewis and Dr. Genevra Walters. In this post, we look at three educators' creative solutions that are making “readiness for all” a reality in their classrooms and libraries.