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Smart Teachers

5 Solutions to Teaching Students Writing

For teachers trying to get students engaged in writing, the process can seem like an uphill battle. Here are five reasons why many teachers avoid writing like the plague, and my simple solutions to those problems.


Smart Review | Learning to Learn Better

In his book Learn Better, Ulrich Boser uses personal anecdotes and countless researched examples to create an outline of six necessary ideas that provide a step-by-step guide to improving anyone’s ability to learn.


Listening is a 21st-Century Skill

By: Scott Petri. Many students are poor listeners simply because no one has shown them how, so here are some resources to help embed teaching this 21st-Century skill throughout curriculum.

SEL & Mindset

Becoming Macro and Micro Focused Educators

As a teacher, I’m challenging myself to zero in daily on one student and look for their story to understand the complexities of learning for that particular child and make any shifts that would help them.