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Miami Zone suggests closing better than supporting bad schools

After taking over NYC schools in 2000, Rudy Crew set up a Chancellor’s District—an early example of differentiated management for low performing schools.  Like Steve Adamowski’s work in Cincinnati, this action was an important illustration of doing whatever it takes to turnaround low performing schools.  The Chancellor’s district…

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RttT Changed the Landscape

Race to the Top has already changed the landscape–that and Obama and Duncan’s backbone.  They’ve done what no Republican president has had the nerve to do–take on teacher effectiveness.  Their willingness to incorporate tough language in RttT resulted in 40 states developing very aggressive plans to dramatically improve teacher effectiveness.


Rebooting Education: Technology & the Future of Learning

Philanthropy Roundtable held a one day conference on the Stanford campus.  Here’s a summary of two interesting morning discussions Panel 1: Kid’s Eye View of Online Learning: Connie Yowell, Michael Horn, Susan Patrick Eleven year old Zach Bonner kicked off the Roundtable meeting with a tour of Florida…

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Video: Funding the Shift to Digital Learning

Digital Learning Now!’s paper, “Funding the Shift” lays out policy strategies and easy ways to help make the promise of digital learning a reality. Together, the paper and video are an essential resource for today's forward thinking school leaders.


Staff Picks: How We Find Our News

This last week, many of our readers and partners have asked: Where do you gather your information? Well, we thought we'd share that with you! Below are our top picks for getting the front-line news.

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Go slow to go fast (why ESEA should wait)

There’s an old saying in consulting that sometimes you have to go slow to go fast; in other words, you have to build the infrastructure of support in order to create profound change. I think that applies to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The law should have…

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How to Fix Our Schools

Top urban educators publish improvement manifesto: performance-based employment, performance-based student progress, and a portfolio of options for families.


Blended Learning Changes Minds, Widens Perspectives

Colorado expands a school using blended learning; Brooklyn launches its newest challenger in the blended learning realm; plenty of more opportunities in Grand Rapids, once they can get over the political and ideological fear of blended and emancipate the students.