SMARTtech Roundup: From Blended Learning to Big Data

Blended Schools & Tools Blended Schools Sprouting. Vail Blended Learning is a new blended middle school in Arizona that uses laptops as its main learning tool using online content developed by K12 Inc., e2020, and VBL Curriculum and Instruction. Students have a flexible daily schedule and move through…


New Report States Online Learning Is Two-Thirds the Cost

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute released today "The Costs of Online Learning," a report by Parthenon Group that estimates fulltime virtual and blended schools cost considerably less per pupil than traditional brick-and-mortar public schools. While costs vary within many of the models, on average, fulltime virtual schools cost up to a third less per pupil than conventional schools.


10 Roles for Leading Toward Deeper Learning

As schools shift to personalized, competency-based deeper learning, how will the roles of leaders change? What sorts of skills, habits and mindsets will support these significant changes in education? What roles do leaders play to create and support deeper learning environments? The answers.


Social media guidelines

Steve McKee blogs about marketing and business growth on Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  He recently posted his guidelines for dealing with marketing on social media platforms.  Education innovators sart-ups would be wise to take a look at Steve’s list.  Below is an excerpt of his blog post on keeping marketing meaningful on…

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UK opens 200th sponsored academy

One of Tony Blair’s reforms that I’m fond of is the Academy program–the equivalent of a sponsored charter school in the US.  The BBC reports that the 200th opened with 67 more to come this year.    They’re dropping a feature that I liked–the requirement to invest at least 2 million…

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“Digital Learning Transition” MOOC

A brand new, free, Massive Online Open Course or MOOC focusing on “Digital Learning Transition” was announced today by the Alliance for Excellent Education and Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

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Miami Zone suggests closing better than supporting bad schools

After taking over NYC schools in 2000, Rudy Crew set up a Chancellor’s District—an early example of differentiated management for low performing schools.  Like Steve Adamowski’s work in Cincinnati, this action was an important illustration of doing whatever it takes to turnaround low performing schools.  The Chancellor’s district…

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RttT Changed the Landscape

Race to the Top has already changed the landscape–that and Obama and Duncan’s backbone.  They’ve done what no Republican president has had the nerve to do–take on teacher effectiveness.  Their willingness to incorporate tough language in RttT resulted in 40 states developing very aggressive plans to dramatically improve teacher effectiveness.