How Many Educators Does it Take to Organize a Local Maker Faire?

If, perhaps, you are searching for a Maker event in your area but don’t see one planned anywhere close by- it might be time to plan your own! It’s really pretty easy and an ideal way to get conversations happening and relationships building between schools, parents, organizations and businesses in your community- and when you plan your own, it’s tailored to your area and customized for the students you are intending to reach.

Personalized Learning

What Online Students Want

Online learning. It's a popular buzzword in both higher education and K-12 institutions. Each year, more formal and informal learning opportunities germinate online. Globally, many public institutions believe that "online education is critical to their long term strategy" and the number of online learners is steadily increasing (Allen & Seaman, 2008, p.3).


North Carolina Blocks Online Public Charter

Parents in the State of North Carolina want a new, online public charter school, North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA), that would expand school choice options and individualized instruction for students. The school received preliminary approval to operate under the Cabarrus County Board of Education. Yet, the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA), State Board of Education (SBE) and 60 school districts are trying to block it. What went wrong?

Difference Making

A Complete Guide for Finding (and Doing) What You Love

GenDIY is all about finding what makes you happy and pursuing that happiness through work and relationships and in ways that are unique to who you are. In the blog that was originally published on Medium, Thomas Oppong shares a brief guide for finding your calling.


10 Roles for Leading Toward Deeper Learning

As schools shift to personalized, competency-based deeper learning, how will the roles of leaders change? What sorts of skills, habits and mindsets will support these significant changes in education? What roles do leaders play to create and support deeper learning environments? The answers.

Personalized Learning

Automated Essay Scoring in a High Stakes Environment

Dr. Mark Shermis One of our goals here is to begin to create the data abundance mindset in U.S. K-12–prepping for policies and practices informed by big data surrounding anywhere anytime learning.  To that end, we like to highlight interesting projects and proposals–and we have a good one…