Personalized Learning

What is Agentic Learning and Why is it Important?

Fostering student agency may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many pedagogical approaches that, when implemented well, lead to engagement and intrinsic motivation, providing opportunities for students to develop agency.

Project-Based Learning

Real-Life Examples of Design Thinking in the Classroom

Design thinking centers on a pedagogy aimed at creating and facilitating future innovators and breakthrough thinkers. It is about creating creative and collaborative workflows engineered to tackle big projects and prototyping to discover new solutions.

SEL & Mindset

Why Students Need Practical Skills and How to Teach Them

If practical skills are so important, why are they hardly present in today’s curriculum? Many schools are doing their best, but with today’s emphasis on high stakes testing, practical skills do not receive the time and attention they deserve. This post explores some inspirational ideas.