The Changing Role of Today’s EdLeader

Amidst shifts in education driven by factors like teacher shortages and advancing technology, innovative solutions such as "grow your own" programs and collaborative staffing models are emerging. In preparing our future educators, we need to see beyond how we have traditionally trained.

Competency-Based Education

Sneakers, Signals, and Systems: A New Era in Education

There’s something in the water at education conferences — sneakers have become the new conference dress code. This shift toward individuality, comfort and practicality is also representative of transformations we’re seeing in education. The 2024 Carnegie Summit marked not just a gathering of minds but a convergence of ideas…


frED Camp: The Legacy of Fred Rogers

Teachers around the world have been applying “The Fred Method” in their classrooms, using technology — and findings from the science of learning and child development — to spark joyful, welcoming learning experiences.