Using Schoolwide Design Sprints to Seed Student-Centered Culture

With a solid process and supportive staff, students can develop the confidence needed to take these skills to be critical thinkers and help solve real-world problems. Read more about how Macon Early College began using the design process as a way to plant the seeds for a more student-centered culture.


Big Push for Small Schools Grants

The A Big Push for Small Schools program plans to roll out up to 20 grants, to fast-track the influence and scalability of select microschool models across the entire K-12 spectrum. We’re looking for diverse national models that utilize various funding methods. Our selection priority is to support models that cater to historically under-served communities.

Equity & Access

Balancing Design Thinking with Equity

4.0 is creating a space for members of communities to become founders, harnessing the experiences of 4.0 alumni to refine our programming, and redefining success alongside the communities those founders serve.