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Google Apps Summer Camp: Sites

With Sites, you can create what you want to create, customize it to your liking, and share it with whomever you please. Fortunately, you have the entire summer ahead of you. So, how will you be using Sites with your students next fall?


Google Apps Summer Camp: Drive

Google Drive is, hands down, my favorite Google App for Education and the one which I believe could be your favorite too. Why? Because it does everything.


Get Rolling with SPRK Programming Curriculum

The SPRK curriculum is built on the belief that “play is a powerful teacher.” And rather than teaching students about programming by having them write lines of code on a computer, SPRK puts a Sphero and an iOS or Android device in students’ hands...


Google Apps Summer Camp: Calendar

Here are a few ways that you can start using Google Calendar to further enhance and streamline your work at the district office, at your school, or in your classroom without much more of an investment than just getting started.


Google Apps Summer Camp: Gmail

For those who haven’t, or those who simply want a refresher on some of the more directly applicable features of GAFE, I will be sharing a six-part Google Apps Summer Camp Series of blog posts to coincide with the conclusion of the school year.


Man vs. Machine: 4 Robotics Programs for STEM Classrooms

Research shows that robotics is an effective tool for improving students’ 21st century skills. And teachers have taken note. In various school settings and across all grade levels, students are engaging in programs teaching them to design, build, and program their own bots.


10 Principles of Sustainable EdTech Implementation

Regardless of what kind of technology is available to you, the Digital Age that we teach and learn in requires principals and teachers to stop asking why they should be using technology in the classroom and start asking how they can maximize the tools they have available to them to enhance student achievement.