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Dave Guymon is a public online middle school teacher, edtech blogger, and the author of If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count. He resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho and Tweets at @DaveGuymon.

Game-based Learning to Promote Development of Social Skills

If game-based learning can render such great results with academic content, can it serve to teach and assess social skills too? Melissa E. DeRosier PhD says, “yes!” Her new book, Social Skills Assessment Through Games: The New Best Practice explores just how this works.

Don’t Leave Your Learning Behind: What To Do Now That #ISTE2014 Is Over

With hundreds of opportunities to learn at ISTE2014, whether in formal sessions or tangential conversations, attendees have quite possibly reached the upper limit of their cognitive loads. And as the thousands of educators head home from Atlanta, the same question will be on all of our minds; how do I use what I learned at ISTE in my school or classroom?

At #ISTE2014, Process Over Product Prevails

If you listen closely to the conversations taking place at ISTE2014, you will hear educators talking about BYOD, 1:1 initiatives, maker education, and more. But whether in a formal session or a chance meeting in a corridor at the Georgia World Congress Center, one common theme seems to connect what everyone is talking about. And that theme is an emphasis on process.

New White Paper Outlines What’s Now and Next with School Software

As educational technology continues to characterize the classroom, the ways that it is being used are becoming more and more sophisticated. From blending learning to supporting data-driven practices, digital tools, including software for education, are changing the ways that teachers and students both operate.

New Horizon Report Insists Teachers Use Tech

Aside from being great content for your next Twitter chat, this year’s iteration of the NMC Horizon Report is a must-read for 21st century educators and education policy makers alike. Following is a summary of major points.

Project-Based Learning Made Easy

With summer in full bloom, there’s no better time to learn how you can begin incorporating project based learning into your classroom, or to refine your PBL practice for your students.

Let’s Play Outside, There’s an App for That

In the competition for children’s attention, mobile apps and outside play don’t need to be at odds. Instead, taking technology outdoors can help motivate kids to exercise, create, and explore the natural world around them.