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The 4 Characteristics of Great 21st Century Resumes

Whether you are in the process of revising your resume or curriculum vitae to apply for new positions this spring or are simply wanting to stay up-to-date, the following are four characteristics of great resumes that will further brand you as a 21st century educator.

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#NCCE2014 Has Teachers Putting the Pedal to the Metal

As each returns to his or her district, school, and classroom, the key principle for them to remember is to take what was learned in Seattle and start doing something differently. Their engines are definitely running. Now, it’s simply a matter of putting the pedal to the metal.

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Making Student Blogs More than Digital Diaries

How you choose to utilize student blogs is up to you. Nevertheless, choosing to integrate blogging into your classroom to support existing curriculum is fundamental to a new millenium approach to education.


The 5 Steps of Effective Technology Integration

It’s not uncommon to see a teacher bring his or her personal iPad into the classroom to support instruction and label it technology integration. It is, however, ineffective. Following is a systematic approach to integrating technology into the classroom both effectively and efficiently.

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5 Elements of Good Games that Can Make Us Better Teachers

I recently took my professional development as an educator in a new direction by purchasing an Xbox. Yes, in addition to blogging, engaging in Twitter conversations, and reading the latest research on educational best practices, I started playing video games to improve my skills and understanding of educational pedagogy.