virtual reality


Innovation: Creating and Learning in AR, VR

As a long-standing fan of technology and the endless possibilities, any time I learn about a new tool, I either immediately create an account and try to figure it out on my own or I learn just enough about it to get my students started working on something.


Leveraging Digital Depth Technologies in Education

Because of the hype surrounding wearable, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, it is important for educators to have a frame for thinking through the various ways that they might be employed for learning and what the implications of using them might be.


Virtual and Augmented Reality in Personalized Learning

I like to imagine what a learning experience would look like wherein students have access to VR that is both tied to curriculum and automatically tailored to their competency via machine learning. Here's a look at one company providing a step in that direction.

Future of Learning

Virtual Reality in the Park

As part of a community partnership, Blaine County School District is bringing its virtual reality program out of the classroom and into the community to encourage lifelong learning for all ages.