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How to Build a Growth Mindset into School Culture

By: Tiffany Della Vedova. A growth mindset must be a prerequisite belief and an easy one to champion. However, the divide between comprehension and practice can be quite wide. As school leaders, how can we bring awareness to this gap and implement practices to cultivate a growth mindset within our schools?


The Importance of Culture

By: Katelyn Donnelly. The people you spend time with matter – because groups of people establish a culture and a set of standards for behavior that shapes the actions and thoughts of individuals within the group.


Education 3.0: Helping All Children Reach their Potential

The alternative is to make achievement the constant, and allow each student the time she or he needs to learn. As described in the new book, Reinventing Schools: It’s Time to Break the Mold, this one change requires six massive changes throughout all aspects of an educational system.

Personalized Learning

Good Work: Sweat the Small Stuff

Culture is the unwritten rules for how things work and how people treat each other. It’s a function of all the little stuff: the stories people tell, how decisions are made and communicated, where people sit and park, and how contribution is recognized. An award winning principal taught me that while trying to accomplish big things you need to sweat the small stuff.


One-to-One Leadership and Learning at DSST

Our mobile phones are more powerful than desktops. Low income families are able to benefit from low-cost devices. There will soon be a one-to-one device in everyone's hands. So what will that mean education growth, school leadership and innovation in education? Bill Kurtz, CEO of DSST tells us.