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This podcast highlights developing trends in K-12 education, postsecondary and lifelong learning. Each week, Getting Smart team members interview students, leading authors, experts and practitioners in research, tech, entrepreneurship and leadership to bring listeners innovative and actionable strategies in education leadership.

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Equity & Access

Closing the Digital Divide for Parents: A COVID-19 Story

By: Antonio B. Boyd. The Resilient Schools Project, a Future of School initiative, partners with districts, like South Carolina's Dorchester School District Two, to develop ongoing responses to instruction disruptions during the 2020-21 school year, including support for parents.

Future of Learning

The Key to Addressing Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: Public Schools

By: Aaron Daly and Bb Ntsakey  We’re entering Month No. 11 of the COVID-19 pandemic, and finally—mercifully, really—there’s a vaccine on the horizon to provide relative immunity from the potentially deadly virus. Many Americans have been dreaming for months about getting the jab (or jabs, depending on the shot). Others…well,…