Future of Work

A Moonshot to Address Wage Stagnation

Maria Flynn, president and CEO of JFF, recently caught up with Tom Kalil, chief innovation officer of Schmidt Futures and former deputy director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, to talk about the $1 Billion Wage Gain Challenge, a moonshot to address wage stagnation.


Investing in a More Inclusive Tech Sector

The tech industry is deluding itself if it thinks it can make the world a better place without representing women equally. Here’s how three women are changing tech venture capital funding to be more inclusive and bring more women to the table.

Future of Learning

How Shared Values at DSST Shape Youth Development

Shared values are central to life and learning at DSST. “We’re a values first organization,” said CEO Bill Kurtz. The shared values are alive in the DSST culture, practiced in the advisory system, and applied in real life learning opportunities.

Future of Work

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Amy McGrath. More and more young people are starting to build their own businesses. Mark Greenberg is the founder and CEO of BuildEd. He uses his experience as an entrepreneur in industries ranging from consulting to real estate investment to develop entrepreneurship courses for partners like ASU Prep Digital and several K-12 programs.


Education Technology is a Global Opportunity

By: Emmanuel Nataf. It isn’t exactly going to be smooth sailing from here, but with continued capital inflows and a population that increasingly embraces EdTech, it’s hard not to see the trend ticking up for EdTech both globally and in Asia.

Early Learning

The Future of Work = Early Learning Today

By: Isabelle Hau. The ability for children to succeed in learning, especially with the complex skills they will need in 2030 and beyond, is closely linked to their early learning experience. The only way to ensure our children will be prepared for success is to give them a strong start now.