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Future of Learning

Leadership and Design Skills Chart the Future of Work

By Emily Liebtag and Tom Vander Ark. Taliq Tillman (above) is an outspoken sophomore at an Ivy League college and the co-founder of Diversity Talks, a nonprofit that gives voice to marginalized students. Tillman described to an audience at the University of Pennsylvania how traditional education—including the best known colleges—often…

Future of Learning

Solution Design: Mindsets, Practices and Systems

Adam Kulaas kicks off the first in a series of blogs that will explore the pitfalls and celebrations associated with designing large and small scale solutions. With emphasis on starting with self assessment and reflection, join him as he delivers a map to designing the future of learning.

Future of Learning

Engineering Good in the World

The Humanitarian Engineering (HE) program at the Colorado School of Mines brings together engineering and social science professors to transform the ways engineers are taught to think, define and solve problems with communities.