3 Lessons Chipotle Can Teach EdTech

By: Nathan Martin. Three things people who make tools for education could learn about authentic, purposeful communication and “what works” from the people who make burritos.


9 Tips for Next-Gen Public Relations

The days of traditional public relations (PR) as we knew it are quickly coming to a close. With the fast paced, information world we now live in, you can get news in real time versus waiting for the evening news or next day’s newspaper. Here’s nine best practices for next-gen public relations our team tries to practice.


The Educator’s Guide to Social Media

By: Larry Magid. There are a great many advantages of social media both as a classroom tool and to enhance your professional reputation. Sure there are risks, but they are manageable and easily outweighed by the rewards.


EdLeaders as Lead Communicators

In a recent brief, an important role for leaders suggests that principals leading transformational efforts should be the “lead communicators.” And that empowered principals can be assets for public engagement in other settings as well.


Communicating Across Generations

Boomers, Millennials, Gen Xers and the Greatest Generation... Which generation are you trying to reach? More than one I bet. How to communicate across generations to ensure that your message is received, appreciated and acted on.