Kodable: The First Step in Coding

Kodable makes programming education inviting for students at a young age. This is important for diversifying the computer science area, because it gets students interested and thinking about computer science before society has an opportunity to tell them that programming isn't cool or for girls.

Personalized Learning

The Transition from Cursive to Coding

Programming pushes students to research, plan, outline, collaborate, test, troubleshoot, and retest. It’s brain intensive language study that requires syntax and style.


EdTech 10: In Like A Lion

You know what they say – March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. While you’re waiting for that transition in your corner of the world, take a break from your basketball brackets and annual hunt for all the green things in your wardrobe to dive…

Personalized Learning

What I’m Seeing: Coding Schools

This is the fourth post in a series of ten on categories where I’m seeing strong edtech startup activity. We’ve looked at productive post-sec, informal learning, and credentialing. A specific subset and application of the trends discussed so far is the rush to coding. The rash of coding startups suggests that everyone wants to learn to write computer code.


Teaching Tech Tools

One way to personalize learning is to create opportunities for young women to learn coding. It's a conversation I've seen on several blogs. In today's world, if you want to start a company or run a successful marketing, investing, media or any other kind of shop, you need people like this to strengthen and maintain your online presence and activity.