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Great Boards for Great Schools

By Brian Jones & Tom Vander Ark. Good schools change communities by lifting expectations, reinforcing positive values, preparing thoughtful citizens, and building property values. That's why we feel so strongly about expanding access to quality schools.

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Choosing Excellent Schools – Not Charter Versus District

By: Don Shalvey. Too often these days in schools, if you support charter schools you are seen as against the school district or even against public schools. Or, if you are a supporter of the district, you are often seen as anti-charter and against giving educational choices to parents.


Smart Cities: Lessons from Tampa

Tampa area districts serve more than 300,000 students but don’t get much national attention. Hillsborough provides a great example of effective homegrown leadership.


The Numbers Add Up at #NCSC14

With record high temperatures in sunny Las Vegas, over 4,500 charter school advocates happily lined the air conditioned halls at Mandalay Bay Convention Center this week. Here’s a recap...


New White Paper Outlines What’s Now and Next with School Software

As educational technology continues to characterize the classroom, the ways that it is being used are becoming more and more sophisticated. From blending learning to supporting data-driven practices, digital tools, including software for education, are changing the ways that teachers and students both operate.

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Austin: Great Music, Vibrant Tech, Traditional Ed

Compared to tech and media, Austin has been slower to develop as an EdTech hotspot. Like other cities, education innovation in Austin runs about a decade behind tech, but a strong group of leaders and organizations show great promise for innovations to come.

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Charter Schools and CBP in Washington State

The sector has learned how to open great schools, and those lessons are being put to work in Washington State. Charter Board Partners will help make sure every charter school in Washington has a great board and that every student in Washington has the chance to attend a great school.


6 Tips for Building Grantmaking Partnerships

Ellerbe, the VP Engagement at MIND Research Institute, and I are leading a discussion on funding alliances (For Better or For Worse: Fundraising Partnerships) at the National Charter Schools Conference in Las Vegas at the end of June.