Schools Worth Visiting

The Getting Smart team visits hundreds of schools each year and is grateful for the opportunity to see high-quality teaching and learning in action. This series features stories of schools that share best practices, lessons learned and next-gen teaching practices that support high-quality, personalized, project-based learning for all students.

Schools Worth Visiting

Because Being a “Good School” Isn’t Good Enough

By: Andrew Rubin. We instinctively tend to think that schools with big problems require major turnarounds, and that schools that operate smoothly and successfully - the typical “good school” -  only need minor course corrections each year. The first part may be true. The second part isn’t.

Place Based Education

A Place-Based Micro-School in the Heart of D.C.

Whether at the early childhood or the high school level, we see that leaders are listening to their students and developing responsive microschool models. Have a good learning idea? Try it with six kids tomorrow.


How Michigan CoOp Connects Leaders to Improve Education

By: Marsha Myles Bahra. The Michigan CoOp is a network of school districts that are early adopters of successful, efficient, and effective learning models. Members leverage each other’s strengths to create new opportunities for student learning.

Schools Worth Visiting

Using Design Thinking to Disrupt for Good

One Stone is an innovative high school in the heart of Boise with a mission of “making students better leaders and the world a better place.” Learn more about how they incorporate innovation and disruption into their curriculum here.


How to Talk to Parents About Your School’s EdTech

It's only natural for parents to feel some concern over the use of EdTech in their children's schools. Here are some tips for educators and EdLeaders who are facing these concerns, along with some tools you can use to demonstrate EdTech's potential efficacy.