Ed Policy

Education policy consists of news, commentary and stories that follow legislation and government action in the educational sphere.

Ed Policy

What Moment Are You In?

Tom explores what the question "what moment are you in?" means for education leaders and how the answer to that question shapes education policy.

Ed Policy

Is Next Gen Learning a Political Act?

By: Andy Calkins. All parents want whatever their children need in order to fulfill their highest potential. Next-gen learning is a means to this end, one everyone can get behind.

Ed Policy

The Importance of Teacher Voice

Only 59% of teachers surveyed are confident voicing their honest opinions and concerns, but as Cameron Paterson explains, the rich experience and expertise of teachers mean that their opinions should be sought, listened to, and highly valued.

Competency-Based Education

Education, State Policy and the Future of Work

Many of us will agree that it can feel as though our education system is struggling to maintain an at-best-moderate pace of adapting to the quickly changing world around it. This new guide from the XQ Institute provides strategies to help state policymakers change that.

Ed Policy

Reflections on NAEP: Breaking the Reactionary Cycle

In the wake of large-scale test score releases (especially those showing mediocre or negative results), political will for innovative educational programs often subsides. A system perspective shift toward whole-child development could stem this trend.