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CTE is an effective education model, historically for industrial trades that helps learners to get a headstart in identifying potential career and skill pathways for their future.

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This podcast highlights developing trends in K-12 education, postsecondary and lifelong learning. Each week, Getting Smart team members interview students, leading authors, experts and practitioners in research, tech, entrepreneurship and leadership to bring listeners innovative and actionable strategies in education leadership.

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Career & Technical Ed

Tacoma Public Schools: Bridging Learners to Personal Pathways

Tacoma Public Schools not only provides its high school learners with pathways to productive citizenship, high-wage employment and economic mobility, and a purpose-driven life, it drives collaboration, social capital, and a sense of belonging with their peers.  

Career & Technical Ed

As a City Transforms, Schools Open Career Pathways for Students

The city of Newark, New Jersey has seen profound growth– new businesses and housing developments are providing the city’s citizens with new opportunities for work and innovation. However, in order for this transformation to be sustainable, local school systems must see change.