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Navigating School Leadership: 5 Lessons

Here, we look at five lessons learned, specific to the navigation of school leadership. Meet the new year, your staff and your community where they are at with the intention of traveling with them, to where you would like to take them.

Schools Worth Visiting

Using Design Thinking to Disrupt for Good

One Stone is an innovative high school in the heart of Boise with a mission of “making students better leaders and the world a better place.” Learn more about how they incorporate innovation and disruption into their curriculum here.

Smart Teachers

Review | Digital Citizenship in Action

With passion and investment in exploration of the topic, this can be a “handbook” for any educators who have a responsibility or desire to develop digital citizenship within their students, classrooms, libraries, schools or any other learning opportunity.


Smart Review | Leading Personalized and Digital Learning

"Leading Personalized and Digital Learning," brought to you by the Harvard Education Press, Mary Ann Wolf, Elizabeth Bobst and Nancy Mangum, provides "A Framework For Implementing School Change" through the lens of personalized and digital learning.


To Reflect or Not to Reflect?

By learning how to reflect with meaning, it opened my world to increased learner empathy and decreased stress, to the renewed realization that the most beautiful part of learning is that it is not contingent upon perfection.


Mapping Learner Experience

As students navigate their learning journey, we must deliver explicit, student-owned opportunities to set and map their course. Here's one strategy that think can be truly effective.


An Assessment for Change: “Is It Best for Kids?”

Even having a clear goal--the improvement of education for all students--does not mean that change will always be easy. Here are six lessons I have learned through difficult, messy and at times painful opportunities to deliver change.

Smart Work

The Road to Solutions

Over the last month, our family vehicle has been having issues. The battery died once, we gave it a jump and didn’t think about it again. Two weeks later, it would not start again. Here's what we learned about solving problems through the process.