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Step Function Improvement

As the learning revolution matures, it is likely to be turbocharged by lessons about the neuropsychology of learning and motivation.  I don’t think we know much about this and don’t use what we know very effectively, but we are likely to learn far more than we know in the coming decade.

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For Instructional Management See CMOs

Kalman R. Hettleman writes in EdWeek, “It’s the Classroom, Stupid.” She’s right, instructional management is a big deal and often poorly managed.  Here’s her three reasons: First, predisposition. The personal temperament of educators and their professional culture of insularity predispose them to be weak managers.

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Two Sisters Improve Reading Online

When I was superintendent in Federal Way, two of our best reading teachers happened to be sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.  I had the good fortune to run into them on a flight this week.  They’ve published two great books, The Daily 5 most recently, and run an…

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RttT Changed the Landscape

Race to the Top has already changed the landscape–that and Obama and Duncan’s backbone.  They’ve done what no Republican president has had the nerve to do–take on teacher effectiveness.  Their willingness to incorporate tough language in RttT resulted in 40 states developing very aggressive plans to dramatically improve teacher effectiveness.


Common Core, Day 2

It’s the dawn of a new era.  America took a big step forward yesterday and you probably missed it.  The nation’s governors and state school chiefs released Common Core State Standards to a decidedly mixed buzz—there is something for everyone to criticize.  Before the carping, editing and adding reach a…

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Bloomfire Formalizes Informal Learning

Here’s an article with a little western MI love for  Bloomfire , a Kalamazoo start up creating groups “of informal, social-learning opportunities can be dedicated to anything from sales strategies to fishing.” Bloomfire Manefesto is a little groovy, but if you’re not thinking about the future of…

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Bad Proxies for Good Teachers

Read Rotherham’s Atlantic article on Teach For America (TFA) and what it takes to be a good teacher. It’s a great summary of what the field, TFA in particular, has learned recently about the attributes of good teachers.  However, it’s frustrating that we remain so unsophisticated about the predictive…

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The Weight 2

On a sunset walk after a spectacular day on Poverty Bay with blue sky and fresh snow on the Olympics, I thought of three personal stories that illustrate the weight of leadership. 1. The afternoon I was appointed superintendent, I had coffee at the mall and watched hundreds of…

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Motivation May be More Important than Style

Jay Mathews dug up a report that suggested there was little evidence “to justify incorporating learning-styles assessments into general educational practice.”  I think most teachers would agree that it’s obvious that kids learn in different ways.  But it’s fair to say that books like multiple intelligences was taken…