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Ed Policy

How Entrepreneurship Can Save the American Dream

Can startups save the American Dream? This is the driving question and title of a report that makes the case that they can. The report shares a five action and impact focused ideas to improve the middle class through policy involving the entrepreneurial community.


The Leadership it Takes to Create Smart Cities

Leaders of Smart Cities need a vision of a better future, capacity and political capital, knowledge of current tools, new ways of learning and working, and community agreements to create environments that work better for students and teachers.


How Smart Cities Develop Teachers & Leaders

How smart cities and a regional approach to talent development can share the load and create an ecosystem that continues to improve. And, how a blended and job-embedded approach to talent development creates the opportunity for personalized learning and ensures highly relevant support for real challenges.


Good Work: Incubating Next Gen People

The most important lesson of the three year Smart Cities investigation is that every city needs an innovation agenda and an incubator of talent, tools, and schools like 4.0 Schools.


Cities That Work for Everyone

New tools and schools are making it possible for individuals, organizations and cities to boost learning outcomes. Smart Cities starts with a handful of people with innovation mindsets--a combination of persistence, entrepreneurship and a collaborative focus on impact.