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AI and Push Learning for Student Guidance and Advisory

Oli is a chatbot that combines artificial intelligence with human experts to provide college guidance. The essential goal of the platform is to nudge students to progress through the admissions process according to a timeline.


Using ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ to Spark Community Dialogue

Unfortunately, since the debut of 'Most Likely to Succeed' not much has changed in how we’ve been preparing young people for the careers of tomorrow, which in many cases arrived yesterday. Recognizing this are countless communities who are using the movie as a way to generate conversations at the local level.

Difference Making

It Really is Okay to Leave School

There is a whole culture, a whole possibility of living without school - and people who do it not only were fine, they are better than fine. There is no downside to not going to school. 'Just quit school and have a better life' who would possibly think that is true?


EdTech 10: 2015 News Stories Worth Remembering in 2016

Well, well, well… It’s that time of year again to look back on the progress made and say “that’s right!” With 2016 just around the corner, this edition of EdTech 10 is all about looking back at the 10 biggest stories that crossed our desktops in 2015.

Personalized Learning

25 Must Watch Video Channels for Learning

Teachers, schools, and districts are ready to make the shift from the “why” to implement to the “how” to implement next-gen learning. And, for many “seeing” is more than believing. Seeing can lead to learning and understanding.