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Good Work: Humility, Passion, & Dreams

Tom's weekly Sunday blog on mission-focused work shares research on the success of new schools in NYC, EdTech leaders with EdTech.MD, shout outs to edupreneurs and Master Chef Massimo Bottura's three keys to Good Work he told Charlie Rose.


EdTech 10: Going Global

EdTech 10 is getting its passport stamped. Alongside updates on the launch of new tools, reports, and briefs, pack your bags because the top EdTech news this week means updates from overseas.


New Book Outlines 7 Keys to Smart Cities

"Smart Cities That Work for Everyone" discusses how dramatically improving learning requires local leadership, productive partnerships, a commitment to talent development, aligned investment, and capacity to incubate new tools and schools.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities That Work for Everyone

The Smart Cities book was created from a two year investigation project launched to discover the civic formula required to dramatically boost learning outcomes and employability. Tom shares the 7 Keys to Education & Employment and a framework for creating cities that work for everyone.


Leading the Shift to Digital: School, System & City

This shift to personal digital learning is inevitable; nearly all of our kids already live in the personal digital future. Combining organizational design, technology integration, and large-scale change management is challenging and complex, but it can be done.

Personalized Learning

Smart Cities: Boston

Boston has been a leader in education for more than 400 years. Drawing from its existing network of universities, learning companies, innovation economy, and technical talent, there are more than 130 education technology and learning-oriented startups in the Boston area.