Getting Smart on Learner-Centered STEM

The "Getting Smart on Learner-Centered STEM" series in partnership with Harmony Public Schools wraps with the release of this culminating Smart Bundle collection featuring the blogs, images and videos from our exploration of the STEMSOS learning model.

Equity & Access

Getting Smart on Global Education and Equity

VIF International Education and Getting Smart partnered to examine the characteristics of globally competent students closely and address how K-12 institutions can utilize global education practices to equitably prepare all students for success.


Supporting English Language Learners with Next-Gen Tools

Supporting English Language Learners with Next-Gen Tools, provides a landscape overview of tools and strategies to support English Language Learners (ELLs). The publication includes expert contributions from educators and thought leaders and the 10 elements of next-gen language learning.

Future of Learning

Next Generation Career Pathways: A Manufacturing Case Study

In this paper, we assert that new market demands are shaping next generation career and technical education opportunities. The rise of anywhere, anytime learning and competency-based approaches provides the opportunity for Career and Technical Education programs to lead the way in terms of applying blended, competency-based education in practical ways.