Project-Based Learning

Personalized Learning

Project-Based Blends

Proejct-Based Learning is a great way to engage students and encourage deeper learning. Blended environments makes it easier to create time for projects. New tools make it easier to create consistently rigorous projects. Digital learning makes it easier to build skills to successfully participate in a PBL environment.

Personalized Learning

Digital Portfolios for Primary Students

“Mrs. Cassidy, I showed my blog to my parents last night. I showed them everything on my blog. I showed them all the things on the computer!” That was my morning greeting from one of my six-year-old students not long ago. He had received a surplus computer1 from my school division the day before, and had suddenly been able to show his parents all of the learning artifacts he’d been adding to his digital portfolio through the course of the school year.

Personalized Learning

Not My Parents High School

I spent the last two days in Chicago with principals and superintendents including Glenn Vos from Holland Christian Schools (HCS).  While it includes the high school that my parents graduated from, this is not a Rip Van Winkle school system. Ted Sizer and the Coalition of…


Feature School: Northwest Passage

We need to pursue a system of public education that endorses schools like Northwest Passage and that embraces them as part the norm, rather than perpetuate a system that holds them at arm’s length.