SEL & Mindset

How One Teacher is Teaching Her Students to be Kind

Kindness is a relatively easy word to define, according to Google it means “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate” easy enough, right? Then why is “kindness” often so hard to put into practice? How do we go about teaching and learning, kindness?

SEL & Mindset

Mindfulness in High School

Some classrooms have a certain aura, don’t they? When you enter, there’s a sense of peace, community, clarity, and active presence from all stakeholders. That is the kind of classroom I want to create, and one way I’ve sought to accomplish this is by taking a course in mindfulness for educators.


To Reflect or Not to Reflect?

By learning how to reflect with meaning, it opened my world to increased learner empathy and decreased stress, to the renewed realization that the most beautiful part of learning is that it is not contingent upon perfection.

Project-Based Learning

Bringing Mindfulness to the K-5 Classroom

By: Lynea Gillen. There is a definite need to teach children at an early age what mindfulness is and how it can give us the tools we need for dealing successfully with all manner of challenges and difficulties.

Personalized Learning

Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom

Teaching kids skills like meditation and integrating practices can help them develop mindfulness throughout the school day. Here are several resources to help calm their bodies and activate their minds in the classroom.