“With Math I Can” – Changing Our Mindsets About Math

By: Rohit Agarwal. In just a month since launch of “With Math I Can,”more than 60,000 people have taken the pledge to transform their math mindset, celebrate their mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow, be confident and persevere through difficult practice.

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It’s March Madness! Why We Should Teach STEM with Sports

Tapping into a student’s interest in sports can provide an effective, hands-on and fun approach to teaching STEM. By implementing STEM education initiatives through sports programs, we can reach a variety of students to show the relationship between their favorite sports and their classroom lessons.


EdTech 10: Marching On

This week’s EdTech 10 is in the spirit of marching on, picking up where you left off after SXSWedu with your important work with today's students.

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Talking Math: 100 Questions That Help Promote Mathematical Discourse

By: Gladis Kersaint. Do the questions you ask in math class open a door for students to really share their knowledge in a way that highlights their true understanding and uncovers their misunderstandings? Here are 100 questions and an infographic to help you promote mathematical thinking and encourage classroom discourse.

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Parents: Children’s First Math Teachers

By: Laura Overdeck. Schools need to educate parents on the math curriculum so that they can help bolster their children’s learning. Schools can introduce parents to fun and compelling informal content outside school, which can foster a love of math as an enjoyable pastime.

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A Challenge to Bring Making Into Hour of Code

For Hour of Code, dig deeper below the surface of computer science. I'll even offer a specific activity to try out, even if you're not a computer science expert: Challenge your students to build a mechanical 4-bit Boolean adder, inventing their own physical logic gates.


Meet DreamBox Learning CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson

By: Octavia Goredema. "At DreamBox, we seek to do well in order to do good. We knew that pioneering adaptive learning in 2006 was not enough. Until we served every child who wanted and needed DreamBox, our work was not done." - Jessie Woolley-Wilson