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Take a Tour of Our School’s Makerspace

I've shared lots of small details about our school's makerspace but I've never shared the space in its entirety. So here is a virtual tour via panoramic photos of the whole space to provide a better idea of how we've organized it.

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9 More “Maker” Projects Invented By Teachers

By: Lindsey Own. This year's DesignDoDiscover conference proved how creative teachers can be when they have the tools, mentorship, teams, time and space to dig into their ideas. Here are descriptions of nine teacher invented "maker" projects shared there.


Introduction to Design for the Laser Cutter

In our makerspace, the laser cutter is by far the most popular piece of equipment. However, many are nervous about using it as the design process can feel overwhelming. Here are detailed instructions to help anyone get started.


15 LGBTQ Books From Preschool To High School

As faculty advisor for her school's Sexuality and Gender Alliance club, teacher Lindsey Own recently had the chance to read LGBTQ books for all ages for a book fair, and shares some recommendations for parents, teachers and students to read.

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Remix Your Learning Experience Design Process

“Remix Your Learning Experience Design Process” was the second workshop in the three-part Ready GO! summit at SXSWedu this year. This workshop was designed to support participants in thinking through a process that innovative teachers might go through to re-design lessons or units–“learning experiences”–to support deeper student learning. Martin Moran, at the…