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This podcast highlights developing trends in K-12 education, postsecondary and lifelong learning. Each week, Getting Smart team members interview students, leading authors, experts and practitioners in research, tech, entrepreneurship and leadership to bring listeners innovative and actionable strategies in education leadership.

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School’s Out: What if School Did Not Exist?

"The School’s Out paper sets up an entry point for learner-centered leaders and their communities to imagine education from a blank slate while maintaining an honest commitment to developing actionable ideas.”

Personalized Learning

Promising Practices for Teaching English Language Learners

By: Natalie Truong. Ensuring success for English language learner students requires challenging commonly held assumptions of teaching and learning for this student population. Instruction should be focused on how ELL students learn best and personalized to meet each learner where they are.

Future of Learning

CMU: Pittsburgh’s Learning Engine

The third post in our 6-part #RemakeLearning series looks at CMU's partnerships with Pittsburgh Districts to advance education innovation and shape a new K-12 approach to computer science.