The Road Ahead for Vegas

Former Colorado commissioner Dwight Jones took on a big new challenge as Clark County superintendent. He recently released A Look Ahead, a roadmap for improvement of Las Vegas schools.

Personalized Learning

Changing the Learning Curve

Using digital learning and personalized learning there is a way to change the learning curve, especially during major budget cuts.

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Phi Slamma Jamma

Marc Anderson of the Daily Cougar, a student newspaper at the University of Houston penned possibly one of the worst op-ed pieces of 2011.

Personalized Learning

Persistence Could be Key to Fluency

Understanding the mechanics of problem solving is one part of math competency. The ability to apply that knowledge in a variety of settings including quick estimations—procedural fluency—is an equally important aspect. There’s lots of research behind Carnegie Learning’s math program but they thought they were better a problem solving than procedural fluency and, for that, they turned to games.

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Customize Learning for Student Success

CCSSO and iNACOL hosted a competency-based learning summit where the focus was the shift from time and tradition to kids, learning and the importance of personalized digital learning.

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It’s Not a Matter of Time

CCSSO and iNACOL believe that it is not a matter of time. Their summit in Denver highlights a system that has clear expectations, robust instructional options and verifies that students have met the expectations.